On Lanta I discovered I was born to lie on the beach & drink fresh fruit juices all day long:)

As our next destination we have chosen the island Ko Lanta in Krabi region – and we are SUPER LOVING it! Rough Guide describes it as “especially popular with families, in part because of the local laws that have so far prevented jet-skis, beachfront parasols and girlie bars from turning it into another Phuket” and the super laid-back atmosphere is just great!

We are staying around 400m from the biggest and nicest beach: Ao Phra-Ae (Long Beach)

Ko Lanta Beach.JPG

For sure there are some more beautiful beaches in Thailand, but this one really enchanted me with the diversity of options: it is not too crowded – the picture depicts the busiest part, but you can find a nice quiet spot all for yourself, and there are plentiful choices of bars, restaurants, massages etc.

Our daily routine has developed into: breakfast – swim, beach time – little bit of PC work in the shade with a fresh fruit shake over the lunch break – swim, beach time – dinner, walk in the beach, little bit of PC time, chilling in a bar on a beach with icy pina colada 🙂

Long beach is especially beautiful in the night – the little lights still have somewhat of a Christmas atmosphere, and are really romantic, inviting for a night stroll.


In our favorite bar there is a fire show every evening – a young guy is making tricks I have never seen before.

beach fire show.JPG

It seems that there is “market price” of 300 BHT (around 8 EUR) for one hour of Thai massage, so we enjoying them quite regularly, also feet massage etc.


I am experimenting a lot with different types of Thai food – lately it seems that whatever I order end up being a red or green curry with rice (it just has 200 different names). So far I am still loving it:)


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA    Life on Lanta is great – nothing to complain about:)