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Day 6 – Wat Chalong and Pukhet Town

rough-guide-thailand-cover-222x341For our travel we are using the 2016 edition of Rough Guide – we are super satisfied, it is as precise as it can be. We have been eating in great restaurants, found the best beaches etc.   For Pukhet Island one of the recommended highlights is the Pukhet Town itself. So we sacrificed a day on the beach, rented a scooter and set off to discover this inland beauty:)

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Days 4 and 5: Karon and Patong

So…after 3 very peaceful and tranquil days at Mai Khao Beach (if you are choosing where to stay on Pukhet, I really recommend the northern part and Mai Khao!) we decided to throw ourselves right into the biggest tourist jungle. Why?!? Because we wanted our Thai experience to be as diverse as possible:)

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Day 3 of Thailand Holidays: Phang Nga Bay and Sarasin Bridge

January the 10th: Today is only the 3rd day of our holidays and we are already doing extreme sports  – moped tour:) We decided to visit a place that is on cover of many travel books – Ao Phang Nga National Park in Phang Nga Bay:

Phang Nga Map

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